Community Events

FILCOP was created in 2010 in order to:

  • Promote closer relations and harmony among the growing community of Filipinos in Peterborough and surrounding towns and villages (“Greater Peterborough”);
  • Promote awareness on, provide opportunities for the expression of, and project a positive image of Filipino culture especially amongst the children of the Association, through social gatherings and cultural activities;
  • Promote other useful purposes that from time to time be determined in a plan.

To achieve this, FILCOP will organise social and cultural events for its members and the wider community of Peterborough and its surrounding towns and villages.

For the year 2011 FILCOP propose to hold the following activities:

  • April 9 – Dart Tournament
  • May 1 to June 4 (Sundays only) –  Volleyball (Men’s) Tournament
  • June 11 – 113rd Philippine Independence Day Celebration
  • June 25 – Peterborough Festival Parade
  • July 3 to August 6 (Sundays only) – Volleyball (Women’s) Tournament
  • August 13 – Family Fun Day
  • September 4 to October 16 (Sundays only) – Basketball (Men’s) Tournament
  • October 23 to November 13 (Sundays only) – Badminton Tournament
  • November 20 & 27 – Fun Bowling Tournament
  • December 17 – Annual Christmas Party

2 thoughts on “Community Events

  1. Dear Sir/Madam:
    Good afternoon.

    I am Engr. Hercie Golfo-Barnsdall, a newly registered member of FilCoP last Jan 7 thru the personnel, Mr. Serg, of MJS Sarap Mabuhay Filipino store at the city centre. I would like to know what are the activities for 2012 of the FILCOP? Would it be possible to post your activities on Facebook of FilCoP? Thanks.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Hercie, so sorry for late reply. I see that you ‘Like’ Filcop Facebook page. Can you also befriend Filcop Peterborough? That’s our account, all the information are found there. We’ll register you for 2012. For info, our incoming events are AGM on 29 January and Valentines Party on 18 February. Hear from you soon.


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