Election of Management Committee for 2011-13

Last January 23, Filcop members elected a new Management Committee who will be in office for the next two years.

On that day, which was also the first annual general meeting of the organisation, members voted to amend the constitution with regards to management. They agreed to hold biennial (every two years) elections for the management committee with each member being able to hold three consecutive terms for one office.

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Filcop turns 1

The 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Filipino Community of Peterborough (Filcop) was held last 23 January 2011 at Stafford Hall in Westwood ward.

It has been a very busy first year for the organisation. Despite being new, they still managed to initiate many activities for its members and the wider Filipino community.

It was in 17 January of last year that some members of the Filipino community in Peterborough have gathered to realise their aspiration of formalising themselves into a community association.

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Prrrrrt! Blocking foul

Photo: Celso Valmonte

On August 2010, Pinoys in and around Peterborough witnessed the start of a sporting event closest to their heart, the first Pinoy basketball tournament in the city. The games were organised by Filcop through the prodding of its male members looking for a fun activity on weekends after working hard for five days.

The tournament also served as a meeting place for friends and families and likewise as a means of informing the world that there is an expanding Filipino organisation in this part of the UK.

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Barrio Fiesta sa London

Photo: Faith Lamprea

Filipinos of Peterborough joined in the 26th annual Barrio Fiesta in London held last 17-18 July 2010 in Lampton Park of Hounslow.

The 2-day event was dubbed as the ‘biggest barrio fiesta in Europe’ by an ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau article (see link at the end of this post).  It is an annual event organised by The Philippine Centre, which is a voluntary, non-governmental organisation and a registered charity in the UK formed in 1985.

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Badminton tournament

Photo: Celso Valmonte

Filcop organised its first ever badminton tournament last September and October 2010 held at both Bushfield and Werrington Sports Centre in Peterborough.

A total of 20 players (10 men and 10 women entrants) participated in the said tournament, which was organised by Management Committee member Jerry Sisican . The games were played over four weekends – 26 September and 3 October in Bushfield Sports Centre; and in 17 and 24 October in Werrington Sports Centre. The tournament was played in four categories – Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles.

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