Ericsson Money sponsors Barrio Fiesta sa London

 Ericsson Money is one of the lead sponsors at Barrio Fiesta sa London on 16 and 17 July in Lampton Park, Hounslow, where they will be providing demonstrations and giving a sneak preview of the mobile money services.

Ericsson Money will have a stand at the Barrio Fiesta including a videobooth for festival-goers to send video postcards to friends and family all over the world, via Facebook or email.

Additionally, Ericsson Money will have roaming teams of Filipino brand ambassadors providing information on Ericsson Money services, as well as directing people to the videobooth.

Ericsson Money is a new service that enables mobile phone users to send and receive money to and from and friends and family from phone to phone. Users can then withdraw the cash through an Ericsson Money Card from any ATM that accepts MasterCard.

Ericsson Money enables people to send and receive money instantly and withdraw cash – such as overseas workers who are sending money hone to their families, parents to their children at university or on their travels using the handset as the access point to their personal mobile wallet. Transferring money to family and friends who are just around the corner, at a café, or even in a different country will now be as quick and easy as sending a text message.


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