Election of Management Committee for 2011-13

Last January 23, Filcop members elected a new Management Committee who will be in office for the next two years.

On that day, which was also the first annual general meeting of the organisation, members voted to amend the constitution with regards to management. They agreed to hold biennial (every two years) elections for the management committee with each member being able to hold three consecutive terms for one office.

The set up of the committee was also amended. Most notable of the change was the introduction of appointed eight voting members to become Area Representatives. They will then serve as the liaison between the committee and the members of the organisation. The Area Representatives will be appointed by the elected members of the committee.

The elected members of the management committee for 2011-13 are the following:

  • Chairman – Celso Valmonte
  • Vice-Chairman – Richard Elefante
  • Secretary – Jerry Sisican
  • Assistant Secretary – Vacant
  • Treasurer – Ester Walker
  • Assistant Treasurer – Margie Cas
  • Auditor – Arnold Hidalgo
  • Assistant Auditor – Beverley Meriales
  • PRO – Vacant
  • Assistant PROs – Jemyra Cembrano and Margie Belham

The two vacant elective positions were due to the resignation of the elected members even before they were inducted into office.

The appointed members of the management committee for 2011-13 are the following:

  • Youth Adviser – William Figuracion
  • Youth Representative – Jairo Nacario
  • Area Representatives:
    • Westwood – Randy Unay
    • West Town – Bethel Pascual
    • Ravensthorpe – Zaldy Galinato
    • Orton – Will Obanil
    • Bretton – Ronald Castillo
    • Dogsthorpe – Vicky Moore
    • Wisbech – Darlina Jude
    • Chatteris – Robelio Bautista

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