Filcop turns 1

The 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Filipino Community of Peterborough (Filcop) was held last 23 January 2011 at Stafford Hall in Westwood ward.

It has been a very busy first year for the organisation. Despite being new, they still managed to initiate many activities for its members and the wider Filipino community.

It was in 17 January of last year that some members of the Filipino community in Peterborough have gathered to realise their aspiration of formalising themselves into a community association.

On that day, they approved the draft constitution and elected the first set of officers that comprise the management committee, which runs the day to day affairs of the organisation which they called Filipino Community of Peterborough (Filcop).

Less than a month later, Filcop celebrated the day of hearts with a party simultaneous with the induction of the management committee that was attended by a vice-consul from the Philippine embassy and a local ward councillor. It was the first time the community held such an event in Peterborough.

Filcop had planned a major event for each quarter of the year. The second major activity was  the 112th Philippine Independence Day celebrations which was highlighted by the honouring of some members of the community who have settled in the city for at least 20 years. No less than the Mayor of Peterborough attended the said affair.

The third major event happened in the summer. The Family Fun Day was held on a glorious sunny day at Ferry Meadows, which is popular among Peterborians. The last major event of the year was the annual Christmas Party, always a most awaited event by members of the community.

Many Filipinos in Peterborough are Roman Catholics and as such Filcop was asked by the local Catholic church of St Peter and All Souls (where many members go) to lead on and/or participate in such religious activities as the ‘Stations of the Cross’, Feast of the Immaculate Conception/International Rosary and the Family Christmas Carol.

Earlier in the year, Filcop organised a trip to Alton Towers for the teen members of the community, which proved to be a big hit among the youngsters. Later in June, the organisation made known to the people of Peterborough that there is a growing Filipino community in the city by joining in the annual Peterborough Festival Parade adopting a Santacruzan theme.

A major aim of Filcop is to promote closer relations and harmony among its members. And one way to achieve it is through sports activities, which also promote a healthier and more active lifestyle. A dart tournament for the men was the first sports event held last year in May. In September, a badminton tournament was held for both men and women members of the community.

The Filipinos love for basketball is legendary and their passion for it is akin to the British love for football. A basketball tournament for the men was then inevitable. In the distaff side, they would not be left behind as Filcop organised a volleyball tournament for them.

Overall, it was a successful first year for Filcop due to the twin efforts of the management committee who were tireless in organising the events, and the members of the organisation who have shown their great support with their full participation in all the events.


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