Barrio Fiesta sa London

Photo: Faith Lamprea

Filipinos of Peterborough joined in the 26th annual Barrio Fiesta in London held last 17-18 July 2010 in Lampton Park of Hounslow.

The 2-day event was dubbed as the ‘biggest barrio fiesta in Europe’ by an ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau article (see link at the end of this post).  It is an annual event organised by The Philippine Centre, which is a voluntary, non-governmental organisation and a registered charity in the UK formed in 1985.

According to the same ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau article:

An estimated crowd of not less 50,000 gathered in one of the largest green areas in west London.

For 2 days, Lampton Park was a place of trading, recreation, meeting, relaxation and social and cultural hodgepodge for Pinoys. The 2-day celebration culminated in various acts of local artists and seasoned performers, including ABS-CBN stars.

Fastidious organizers, good weather, and the spirit of camaraderie and a sense of community all contributed to the success of the biggest Filipino event in Europe–the London Barrio Fiesta at Lampton Park in Hounslow.

Photo: Faith Lamprea

Filcop, through Management Committee member Margie Belham, organised a coach trip on the second day of the Barrio Fiesta in London. Around 52 Filipinos (many together with their families) joined the other kababayans from Peterborough, UK and even as far as Europe to enjoy the closing festivities.

For many, it was a memorably great spectacle to behold, which transports you back to the Philippines with all those Pinoy faces you see everywhere in the park.

News source:  ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau


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